Each student/adult who attends a Calvary Christian School missions trip must:

have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord.

have a personal relationship with the Lord which is demonstrated through regular church attendance, a personal prayer life, regular Bible study and a servant's heart (willingness to serve others by being the Lord's hands and feet on earth.)

have a desire to grow in the knowledge and character of Christ.

be approved by the Senior Administrator of Calvary Christian School.

be willing to attend eight of the ten team preparation meetings. If this is not accomplished, an individual will not be able to attend the trip.

be willing to participate in raising and sharing the needed funds as a team.

Each student who attends a Calvary Christian School missions trip must:

be doing their scholastic work "as unto the Lord." A student's efforts and attitudes must be one that is honoring to Christ. Effort, energy and attitude will be considered along with actual grades received in each subject. A student must be able to afford the time devoted to the missions preparations and trip without significantly impacting grades.

receive their teacher's, pastor's and administrator's recommendations.

be current on all financial obligations due Calvary Christian School.


I am aware of the following requirements and believe that I am qualified to attend the mission trip to ______________ in the __________ school year.


_____________________________ ____________

Proposed Team Member's Signature Date