2006 Calvary Impact's Mission Program

Week One Bible Study



Please begin with prayer.


Welcome to this year's Calvary's Impact Bible Study.


Answer the following questions.  They will be discussed at the second week meeting.


Every person God called, He called publicly.


Read Genesis 3:9- When God calls to Adam, do you think that He knew where Adam was in the Garden? 




Why then, did God call out to Adam?






Read Joshua 24:15- What did Joshua, under God's instruction, ask the people to do?





Read 1 Kings 18:21- What did Elijah, under God's instruction, ask the people to do?




By becoming part of this year's mission program, you have publicly reaffirmed you commitment and desire to serve the Lord. We will serve as a group under the power and anointing of the Lord, but the Holy Spirit will work on each of our hearts individually, drawing us ever closer to God.  The Lord's Spirit will do this in a way that will minister most effectively to each individual person on the team based on what He knows is needed by that team member.  In order to be effective on this year's trip, it is important that you look for what God is telling you.   So with that in mind, let's begin.





Read Mark 8:34-35



Count the Cost


Write down what the symbol of the cross means in our culture.  We see the symbol of the cross all over the place- on bumper stickers, on chains around people's necks, on all sorts of publications, and many other places.  Because it is used so much, it must mean something.  What?





When a Jew or Roman saw a cross, what do you think that it meant to them?




In verses above in Mark, the Lord tells those who want to follow Him to deny themselves, and take up His cross and follow Him.  If you were sitting in the grass around Jesus when He said these words, what would you have thought?





Somehow, it is easy to forget that when Jesus asked people to follow Him, He said that we must take up a cross.  This is not to appealing considering the pain and suffering a person in Jesus' day would have associated with the cross.  Yet He ask a follower to accept that fact when a cross is picked up, there may be pain and suffering associated with it at times.


Do you think that people who died on a cross were individuals that were popular to be around?  Why?





Christ asks us to follow Him?  Is that a hard thing to do around your family and friends?  Remember, God calls us to serve Him in a very public way.  Are you willing to take a stand for Christ?  Why?








Before the Lord told those who want to follow Him to take up their cross, He told them to deny themselves.  What do you think that this means?  What must we deny ourselves in order to follow Christ?








Is there a difference in Self-Denial and Denying Self?










What things or ways of thinking have you had to deny yourself in order to be a follower of Christ?









God's Promise to Those Who Pay the Cost


In Mark 8:35, Jesus tells us, "For whoever will save his own life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospel's shall save it."


What do you think that Jesus meant by "save own his life?"











In what ways is it easy for people to try to save themselves? 








What do you think that Jesus meant when He said, "lose his life?"







In what way do you and I have to "lose our lives" for Christ?








This verse tells us that as we lose ourselves to the Lord, we actually gain a better life.  How do you think God delivers on this promise?






















Please write your personal testimony- why, when, and how you accepted the Lord. Use the back of this sheet if you need more room.


















Write how your salvation experience has impacted your life. Again, the back of this sheet may be used if you need additional space.



















Please pray and ask the Lord in what ways you need to allow Him help you to live more for Him each day so that you can further the Gospel and His plan for your life.


By: John R. Wallace, Jr.   Adapted from Jon Courson's Application Commentary

for the 2006 Calvary's Impact Missions Program.