Permission for Minors to Travel

To and From Mexico


This is to certify, that _______________________________ is a United States

                                      (name of minor traveling)


citizen, born in _____________________, _________________ in the county of

                             (city)                                         (state)


_______________________, on _____/______/______.   As the parent(s) of this

(name of county)                              month      day        year


minor, we give permission for him/her to travel to and from  the country


of Mexico with___________________& Back 2 Back Ministries.  


The scheduled date for this trip is _____________________________.



               Signature of Mother/Guardian                Signature of Father/Guardian



                                 Parent's Address:



                                    City, State, Zip code


                                  Telephone number


* Must have both parent signatures or documented divorce decree/death certificate.   Please fill bottom out ONLY if one parent is traveling to Mexico with_______________ & Back 2 Back Ministries.



Permission for one Parent to accompany a minor


I,                                     give my                           ,                                   

           Spouse's name                                               husband/wife            traveling spouse's name


full permission to accompany our                            ,                                     

                                                         son/daughter                      Child's name


out of and returning to the USA and out of and to foreign lands not of US


possession on the dates of                         through _____________________.



Notary________________________                             Date______