Agreement Policy for 2006 & 2007


Please read and consider carefully before signing.

You may decide not to participate after reading this.


                        *I agree that I will not bring or use any Drugs, Alcohol,

Initial              Cigarettes, and Chewing Tobacco while participating with the event of Back2Back Ministries.


                        *I understand that if there is any reason to believe a student

 Initial              has drugs or alcohol, bags can be checked.  (Male leaders will

check guys bags; Female leaders will check girls bags.)


                        *I understand that there will be no girls in guys rooms and no     

 Initial              guys in girls rooms.


                        I understand that there is no leaving the rooms after curfew  

Initial             and I agree that I will not leave my room after curfew.  I will not leave the grounds under any circumstances.

We don't mind you staying awake in your room playing cards and hanging out, but you shouldn't disturb any other rooms.


_______          I give permission for Back2Back to use group or individual

 Initial              photos or video in any B2B publication.


                        I agree to be on time to all departures and events throughout 

 Initial              the trip.


                        I agree to respect the authority of the leaders.



                        I understand that any damage on my behalf will be my financial

 Initial              responsibility and agree to pay for any damages.


                        I agree and understand that radios, headphones, and cell phones

 Initial              are not allowed.


Please fill out this portion completely.  Please PRINT.


Name of participant:______________________Phone number___________

Participant signature:_____________________/Email__________________

Parents signature:___________________________________


City, State, Zip:_____________________________________

Emergency Contact & telephone:_______________________