In Our Weakness, He is Strongl


Please begin with prayer. 


Read Exodus Chapter 3 – 4:14


God asked Moses to do something that Moses had a hard time thinking that he was able to do- lead the Nation of Israel out of Egypt.  He came up with a long line of excuses before God as he tried to change God's mind on the subject!  Let's ook at the five excuses made before God, and see if we can learn something about ourselves and our Lord.


Answer the following questions.  


What question did Moses ask in Exodus 3:11?  What was God's response?










What did the question Moses asked in verse 11 tell us about how Moses saw himself?










In Exodus 3:13, Moses says the God that the people of Israel will ask a question?  What was that question that they would ask?






Moses then responded by asking a God about how he was suppose to respond to the peoples' question.  What did Moses ask God?  Why did Moses have to ask God this question?  What does this tell us about Moses relationship with God at that point? (Exodus 3:13)














What was God's reply to Moses concern?











The third question that Moses placed before the Lord is found in Exodus 4:1.  What was it?




What did God reply to Moses? (Exodus 4:2-9)













Moses was not done talking with God about the "calling" that he had been given.  Moses lodged another objection before God in Exodus 4:10.  What was it?









What was Moses really saying to God with this question and observation?








What was God's response to Moses feeling of inadequacy?  (Exodus 4: 11-12)













Finally, Moses becomes desperate before God.  He simply asked, "Can't you find someone else to send?"   How did God respond? What was God's response?

(Exodus 4:14)













In your opinion, why did God respond this way to Moses?











Now, let's make this personal.


Have you wondered why God has called you on this trip?  Why you and not someone else?  In Exodus 3:12, God tells Moses, that it does not matter who you are, I am with you!  How does this idea, that God is with you, give you courage to step out in the Lord's strength?













On this trip, you may face the question, "What is His name that sent you?"  What will you say? 















Are you trying to draw close to God as you prepare for this trip so that you will be able to respond from a heart that knows God, not just a mind that knows of God?

What can you do to allow can to transform your way of thinking about Him from a "mind thing only" to a "heart and mind thing"?











Moses felt intimidated about facing the people?  What can be learned about how God will help you in Exodus 4:2-9?










Moses did not think he had what it took to do the task that God had placed before Him.  What would God tell you about your abilities to make this mission trip for Him? (Exodus 4:11-12)



















Each response that God made to Moses, God makes to us. 


·        I am with you. (3:12)

·        I am everything you need. (3:14)

·        I will help them listen. (4:2-9)

·        I made you and you have what I need. (4:11-12)

·        I will give you help, but you are still going. (4:14)




How do these verses encourage you. 


















Memory Verse for the week!



"Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid of them!

The Lord your God will go ahead of you.

He will neither fail you nor forsake you."

Deuteronomy 31:6



Remember: We walk in love and in the name of the Lord!




Prepared by John R. Wallace, Jr.,  for the 2005 Calvary's Impact Mission Program.