Living Sacrifice- Being Available



This study was written as the last study in a series before agroup of teeenagers left for a mission trip to work in childrens' homes in Mexico.  The initial questions are oriented in that direction.  You are still encouraged to do this study and apply the Biblical basis of being available to God for service as a living sacrifie. After accepting Him as Lord and having a deep and abiding love for Him, this is His greatest desire.


Please begin with prayer. 


Read James 1:27, 1 John 4:10-12, John 13:34-25, Psalm 107:21


Please complete this Bible study by answering the following questions.


In John 1:27 we find two groups of people that the Lord tells us to minister to as part of expressing our faith.  Who are they?  Why do you think that the Lord ask us specifically to minister to these groups?











Because the Lord always knows what is in our hearts and what motivates us, it is important to do a "heart check" at this point to be sure that we are focused in a way that honors Christ.  Please read 1 John 4:10-12.  How does this Scripture tell us we should be motivated? 












How are you doing in the area of being motivated as the Scripture you just read tells you to be motivated? 


















Read John 13:34-35.  Does your life reflect God's love for others?    Do you think that others see Jesus in you?  In what areas of your life does God need to help you in order to better reflect who He is to others?

























Read the Memory Verse below.  As we celebrate, rejoice and thank God for what the Lord has done in and for us.  Scripture tells us to offer sacrifices.  During Old Testament times, the Jews offer animal sacrifices.  As God sent Jesus to die for us, Jesus became the final sacrifice to His Father on our behalf.  Still in the New Testament, Scripture commands us to be a "living sacrifice."  Read Romans 12:1.  Knowing that you have nothing that God needs or wants except yourself- all of you, write what giving all of your self to God means to you.






















Memory Verse for the week!



"Thank God for His marvelous love,

for His miracle to the children He loves, offer thanksgiving sacrifices,

tell the world what he has done-sing it out!"

Psalm 107:21  The Message



Remember: We go in love and in the name of the Lord!




Prepared by John R. Wallace, Jr., for the 2005 Calvary's Impact Mission Program.