The Sinner, the Savior, and the Servant


Please begin with prayer.


In this study, we will look at three "musts" of scripture.  It is my hope that these will help us clearly see the simplicity of what is important to the Lord..


Answer the following questions.  


Read John 3:5-7  The Must of a Sinner


"Except a man be born out of water and the Spirit, He cannot enter the kingdom of heaven……Ye must be born again."  Wow, what a powerful thing. Jesus says that each person must be reborn. Obviously, this is not a physical rebirth, but a birth of water and Spirit.  Please write what you think that Jesus meant by being rebirth and being born again.










Why do you think that it is important that you be "born again?"









If being born again involves the Spirit of God residing within you, why do you think that it is important that a person going on a mission for the Lord be born again?













Read John 3:14-16  The Must of a Savior


What does the serpent represent in Scripture?







Why did Jesus have "be lifted up" to die for our sins? 










When Jesus died for us we gained the possibility of eternal life. What must one do to receive this gift?











Most of us have known John 3:16 since we were young children.  Please consider the following from this verse as a way to lead someone to Christ:


  • His heart: He loved the world. He loves each of us.
  • His plan: He gave His only begotten son to redeem us.
  • His will: That whoever believes will not perish, but have everlasting life.


This is a simple message and an easy way to explain God's plan of salvation.  Please memorize the scripture and the three points.  Pray the Lord will give you a chance to use it.



John 3:30  The Must of a Servant


 "He Must Increase, and I must Decrease." These were the words of John the Baptist.  Who is the "He" in the passage? 



What does the word "decrease" refer to here?






Read Matthew 10:39.  A popular saying these days is that, "It is all about ME!"  How does this verse of scripture contradict this popular saying?









In your life, how should you decrease in order to allow Jesus to increase?











In what areas is this going to be hard for you to do?














What are the benefits of allowing Jesus to increase in your life?















Pray, and ask God to help you to decrease, so He can increase! 



By: John R. Wallace, Jr.  Adapted from Jon Courson's Application Commentary

For the 2006 Calvary's Impact Mission Program