The Transformed Mind 


We are either being changed by the world of we are changing the world around us for the Lord. Scripture tells us to be salt and light. As we face a world that is clearly walking away from the Lord, how can we be transformers for Jesus? Romans 12:1-2 shows us a map to personal transformation and high impact ministry for Jesus.


Please begin with prayer.


Read Romans 12:1-2


To help you understand this passage better, please remember that Paul spent the first 11 chapters of Romans laying out the sin condition of man, our need for a Savior, and God's fantastic plan of salvation. So when Paul says, "I beseech you," he is begging us to respond to God. For you personally, what motivates you to respond to the Lord with love for Him and service?












What do you think it means in the first verse of Romans 12 when Paul instructs us to "present our bodies as a living sacrifice?"















Why is it "reasonable service" to give up our bodies as a living sacrifice?












Read Romans 12:2


Please define the word "conform."






Please define the word "transform."





The word transform come from the Greek word "metamorphosis".  That word is used in two other places in Scripture. Read Matthew 17:2. The word transfigured is very close to the word transformed. What was the obvious change that took place in Jesus in this passage?






Also read 2 Corinthians 3:18. In this passage Paul explains the spectacular transformation that the Lord residing within us can cause. What do you think that the transforming power of the Lord looks like in a person who is seeking God?









Back to Romans 12:2.  Are you a conformer or a transformer? Do you try to conform to the world around you or do you try to transform it?






In the second part of this verse, we are told how we can be "transformed." How does Scripture tell us to be transformed?




If you just wrote, "by the renewing of your mind," you are correct. How does a Christian renew their mind?






Read John 1:1, 14. What two things must we always keep our eyes on that allow us to be transformed? Why these two things?






Now a very serious questions- Do you read and study God's Word? If you do regularly read and study God's Word, do you do so to gain knowledge or do you do so to hear the voice of God?










Christian, if you want the Lord to effectively use you, it is not enough that you give your body to Him in service. It is not enough that you give up worldly vices through human strength and "look all that." The Lord requires the renewal of your mind. This happens when we seek Jesus and then seek Jesus some more through His word. We do not study God's Word simply to gain knowledge. We do so in order that we can hear the voice of God speaking to us. It is this voice that touches our soul at a profound level that will enable us to be the salt and light that He calls us to be.



Finally, what is the benefit of allowing God to renew our minds? See the last several words of Romans 12:2.









In what ways are you going to apply this study to your life in order that the Lord will transform your mind?

















Close in prayer. If you desire, express your will to the Lord for Him to move in your life in a way that will clearly show His transforming power!







 By: John R. Wallace, Jr.  Reference used for this study came from Jon Courson's Application Commentary. This study was created for the 2006 Calvary's Impact Mission Program