Growing in Faith


Prepare this Bible study as you prepare your heart for service to the Lord each day.   Is Jesus your friend?  In an earlier study, we learned that we as believers are "tied" to Jesus.  We discussed how two people who are tied together each day as they go about their business would have to work together, communicate together, and would grow close to one another. It is this intimate relationship with our Lord that allows one to speak with authority about Him.  We can talk about Him because we know Him. Let us look at our Friend and Savior to see how He taught. Perhaps we can learn how to tell others about Him!


Please begin with prayer.


Read Luke 19:47-48


In this verse we see that Jesus was again teaching. Can you think of two or three other times in Scripture that Jesus was teaching? Do you remember what He was teaching about?







Read Mark 12:37. How did common, everyday people receive the messages of Jesus?




While we usually can not sit on a hillside and hear Jesus speak audible words today, we can read His word- the Bible. Do you receive His word the Bible the same way as common people heard Jesus when He was teaching?




Read Luke 4:22. What kind of words did Jesus speak?






When we speak of Jesus, do our words match the attitude that Jesus showed as He spoke?




What did the words of our Lord cause people to do? 




Do you react the same way to Scripture as you study it?





Read Mark 1:22. How did Jesus proclaim the Gospel? 




Why do you think that Jesus was able to speak with such authority as He taught?





From these four Scriptures we can see that Jesus was the true teacher. We can also see how people reacted to Him and His teaching. So… if we are to be salt and light to a lost and dying world, what is it that we need to do to be able to teach about Jesus? Here are some ideas.


Read John 5:39. This passage of Scripture uses the word "search." The Greek word for search is "ereunao" which means "to track a scent."  Substitute this phrase for the word "search." What does this tell us to do with God's Word, and for what is it we are searching?






Just as a dog picks-up a scent and reacts to that scent, God desires us to have an intimate search for Him in Bible study. This is not an optional activity for the believer. If we love Jesus, we will want to be around Him. The study of His word is one way we can be around Him. List what it will take for you to make the study of God's Word a habit and a key part of your relationship with Jesus.





Key Point #1- If we want to speak abut our Lord, we need to get to know Him through His Word. It is here that we can see His life, examine His character, learn how to minister, know how to love and show grace, stand in amazement of His sacrifice on the cross, rejoice in our salvation, and hear His voice. What could possibly be more important to the Christian who is in love with Jesus?


 To be able to speak with authority about Jesus, we need to talk with Him. What method has the Lord given us to speak to him? Honestly, how often do you use this method to talk with God?





Read James 1:6-7. What is the attitude that the Lord wants us to come to Him with as we pray?





Think of times in God's Word that Jesus prayed to His Father. List two or three, and write what Jesus was praying about.








When you pray, are you the only one talking? Is there two way communication when you pray?







If it was important for Jesus to pray, it must be important for us to pray. If we are in love with Jesus, we will want to talk with Him. List what you have to do to make prayer a higher priority in your life?







Key Point #2- If we are going to talk about Jesus, we need to know Him better. Prayer is the instrument the Lord gives us to ignite our passion for Him. It is how we get to know Him. It is how we hear Him.


This study has been about knowing Jesus. God can use anything or anyone to bring honor to His name and further His kingdom, but it is our responsibility to know Him authentically and personally. It is far easier to speak about someone you know well that someone you know casually.  Are you willing to study the Bible and pray more to get to know your Lord better? Your effectiveness for the Lord depends on this.




























 By: John R. Wallace, Jr.  Reference used for this study came from Jon Courson's Application Commentary. This study was created for the 2006 Calvary's Impact Mission Program