Getting to Know Jesus as Our Best Friend

2007 Calvary Impact's Mission Program

Week Two Bible Study




Last week our Bible had to do with our basic decision to surrender our life to Christ. I certainly hope that each person who did the study either accepted the Lord or rededicated themselves to the Lord. This was the first step in our "Bible Study Boot Camp". It is also the first step that one takes to reach out to the hand that God is always extending to each person. This first step is the beginning of a life-long relationship with the Lord. By accepting the gift that God has given each of us in the death and resurrection of Christ, the Lord now desires to be our best friend.


A best friend is really a neat and fun thing to have. Best friends like spending time together. They enjoy each other's company. Many times, they like the same types of things. Sometimes, they even like to dress and act the same!  Our relationship with Jesus is very similar. We should enjoy spending time with Him. We should begin to think that what He says and likes are important, and we should begin to look like Him on the inside and with our outward actions.


This study should show us how we can get to know Jesus better.



Please begin with prayer.


Answer the following questions.  They will be discussed at the third week mission meeting.


Please read and then write Ephesians 3:14-19

















In this verse it says that for the believer, Christ dwells someplace. Where does Christ dwell?



This passage tells us there are three reasons that Christ dwells in this place. Why does it say that Christ dwells there?






















From these verses, how can you tell that the Lord wants a true relationship and friendship with you? How has Christ shown His deepest desire to have this relationship?


















The verse says that the Lord wants us rooted and grounded in love. What do you think that this means? Hint: As you think about this, think about the tree that made the cross at Calvary.








As our friend and Lord, Christ wants us to know how much He loves us and is reaching out to us. Is this the type of friend that you want? Why?











When you are loved to this degree and with the passion that Christ has shown, what is your response to Him?








Read verses 14-17 of Ephesians 3 again. What do these verses say about how much we can really begin to understand how much God loves us?














The last few words of Ephesians 3:17 say that one we begin to get a slight glimpse of Christ's love for us, "that we might be filled with the fullness of God."

What do you think that this means?










Read and write John 15:16.





How do you think that Jesus shows us that He chose us to be His?






Jesus love and relationship will not end even when we struggle in our walk and friendship with Him. At the last supper, Luke 22:31-34 (read this), Jesus tells Peter that He will be sifted like wheat. Even though Peter said that he was willing to suffer with Christ, Jesus told Him that he would deny Him. Please notice that Jesus began by addressing Peter as Simon (his given name) then at the end Jesus addressed Him as Peter. Why do you think that Jesus did this?


















Read Luke 22:61. What did Peter do when Jesus was about to die on the cross?













Now read Mark 16:7. Why do you think that Jesus told the two Marys to go and tell His disciplesā€¦.. and Peter? Keep in mind that Jesus knew how much Peter loved Him.









We can see that Jesus could see Peter's heart. Think about these three passages involving Peter. What do they tell us about Jesus' relationship with you and me?




















Using the Scriptures we have read, please tell the kind of friend that Jesus is to a person who has accepted Him as Lord of their life.










Please write several sentences about the kind of relationship that you want to have with Jesus. 




















Please bow your head and read the above two questions as a prayer. Tell Jesus that you know that He wants to be your friend likeā€¦..  . Then tell Him the kind of friend that you want to be to Him.



Prepare your heart for ministry on the mission field!





Written by: John R. Wallace, Jr. for the 2007 Calvary Impact Mission Program