John R. Wallace, Jr., Senior Administrator

Teacher Assistant: Mr. Alex Duncan

2015-2016 School Year


This course will be taken by all middle and high school students attending Calvary Christian School during the 2015-2016 school year. The class is intended to foster the growth of each student in their relationship with Jesus Christ. It is hoped that this growth will lead to a surrendered heart, a transformed mind, and a desire on the part of each student to live in the center of God’s will for their life. There will be several tools used in this class to help in the accomplishment of the course goals.

Bible Memory Work (30% of the grade)

Each week, a Bible passage will be assigned which is to be memorized. Scripture says to, “Hide the Word in your heart.” This section of the course should encourage you to not just memorize, but meditate and think about what you are reading.

Written Papers and Projects (50% of the grade)

Written assignments will be given on a regular basis. These assignments will include opinion papers, special assignment work sheets related to the subjects being taught in class, oral presentations, a Bible dialog journal, and special projects that may be short or long term in nature. All of these assignments should encourage you to apply your personal thoughts and reasoning into the process as they are completed. In this sense, the course is different than most other high school courses at Calvary Christian School. The personal application and synthesis of Scripture material is the main goal. This will lead to personal spiritual growth.

Class Participation (20% of the grade)

By getting involved in class discussions, you are participating and growing in your faith. You should be prepared for class each day by having a pen and paper, as well as God's Word- the Bible at your seat. You should also have any textbooks or papers that have been handed out for use during that particular part of the course.


In addition to God's Word, The class will use the textbook, “The Life of Christ” by Frank Hamrick, which is based on the Gospel of John. This text will help you learn in the following ways:

·         Descriptively, as you learn to visualize each lesson.

·         Dramatically, as you feel the impact of each lesson.

·         Devotionally, as you become encouraged to respond to each lesson.

The text will walk the class through the entire Gospel on a verse by verse, chapter by chapter basis. Because John wrote the Gospel under the leading of the Holy Spirit, we know that every verse is important to the believer. Because John wrote the Gospel twenty years after the others and he had a personal, up-close, relationship with Christ, this book will provide us with detailed insights into the life and ministry of the Chosen One. Students are encouraged to engage and learn as we move through the text and chapter by chapter through God’s Word.


You will not learn as much if you are absent.

Anticipated absence - You have the opportunity to take quizzes, tests, and exams prior to your absence. Also, homework may be completed prior to the absence.

Unexpected absence - You will have the equivalent number of days missed to complete assignments. For example, a student absent one day will have one day to make-up missed work. Students absent two days will have two days to make-up missed work. All quizzes, tests, and exams must be completed by the first Friday after the absence. For example, if you are absent for a test or quiz on Wednesday, the test or quiz must be completed by Friday. This ensures timely return of all work.

* It is the student's responsibility to secure all missed assignments by checking the website or checking with the teacher.


Most homework will not be turned in for a grade. As Calvary Christian School students, I expect you to be active learners and make corrections in class that will lead to your mastery of the material being covered. You need to be engaged each class. When homework is turned in, it will not be announced that I will be asking for it. That way, I keep each student consistent in their preparation for class. If I believe that a student is not prepared for class with their homework on a regular basis, I special arrangement will be made whereby all homework will be required to be turned in each class for that particular student.

When special activity papers are turned in for a grade, a late paper will be accepted the day after the assignment is due will a 20% reduction in the grade. No papers will be accepted after two days.

Class Rules

For Calvary Christian Middle and High School Students, the following rules should not need to be stated. However, doing so will serve as a reminder.

The student will sit in his/her assigned seat.

The student is allowed to have bottled water as long as it does not become a distraction.

No talking when the teacher is giving instruction.

No writing or passing notes.

No negative statements about other students or faculty/staff members are allowed in any form.

No defacing textbooks or school property.

No sleeping or pretending to sleep in class.

No writing on yourself.

No food is allowed in the classroom. This includes gum!

The following items are contraband. They are not allowed in the classroom at any time.

Books not required for the course of study


Cell phones

Electronic games



Personal student notes

Playing cards

A Final Personal Note- You will be spending about 175 hours of your life in this class. You will probably spend twice that amount of time preparing for this class. It is my hope that you will get the most out of the class by engaging me and your fellow classmates in productive conversation! Let's make this a great class, and a class that honors the Lord as we grow in our Christian walk together!

Student and Parent Acknowledgment of High School Bible Syllabus

Due by Wednesday, September 2, 2015

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