Senior Seminar Course Syllabus

Mr. John R. Wallace, Jr., Senior Administrator

2012-2013 School Year


This course is for the seniors that are graduating from Calvary Christian School in June of 2013. The purpose of the class is three fold.

The first area is related to practical skills that will help students in their choice of a college or selection of a career path. This includes things such as SAT scheduling, college survey, help with preparing college applications, and dealing with issues related to financing a post high school education.

The class will also deal with practical life issues that will help the graduates prepare for college life. Subjects such as how to manage their personal finances, campus life and potential pitfalls that may occur after high school will be areas covered.

The final and most important area of this course relates to each student developing their personal life mission statement. This will be a detailed process that challenges students to examine their hearts and minds in order to see what is really personally important to them in the light of their relationship with Christ. Students will then be encouraged to compare these values to the things Scripture says are important to God. It is expected that this process will be a very personal time for each student to reflect and consider how their faith and love of God impacts every area of their life. It is hoped that the process will also encourage each student to begin to examine areas of their lives in which they believe God needs to work. This aspect of this course is also intended to develop critical thinking skills that will allow a student to not just answer the "what and how" questions regarding their life and faith, but also the "why" questions.


In addition to God's Word, six other texts will be used within this course.

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

Leading from the Inside Out - The Art of Self Leadership by Samuel D. Rima

How to Stay Christian in College by J. Budziszewski

A Future and a Hope by Jon Courson

Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris

The Battle for Truth by David A. Noebel (term paper text) 

Grading Policy

Participation/Preparation 20%

Written Assignments 80%

Participation- This course will be driven by personal engagement in class discussions. A student will be evaluated based on the instructor's view of how a student is processing and then discussing material covered during class.

Preparation- This aspect of grading will be related to papers and other assignments being turned in on time, books and other learning tools being brought to class, and a student's prompt arrival to class. Additionally, credit will be given for mastering the technology skills needed to accomplish assignments within the class.

Class Rules

For Calvary Christian High School Seniors, the following rules should not need to be stated. However, doing so will serve as a reminder.

The student will sit in his/her assigned seat.

The student is allowed to have bottled water as long as it does not become a distraction.

No talking when the teacher is giving instruction.

No writing or passing notes.

No negative statements about other students or faculty/staff members are allowed in any form.

No defacing textbooks or school property.

No sleeping or pretending to sleep in class.

No writing on yourself.

No food is allowed in the classroom. This includes gum!

The following items are contraband. They are not allowed in the classroom at any time.

Books not required for the course of study


Cell phones

Electronic games



Personal student notes

Playing cards

A Final, Personal Note- You will be spending about 175 hours of your life in this class. You will probably spend twice that amount of time preparing for this class. It is my hope that you will get the most out of the class by engaging me and your fellow classmates in productive conversation! Let's make this a great class, and a class that honors the Lord as we grow in our Christian walk together!