TOTAL FEE Youth: $1295 plus $100 Student Earned Portion *

Adult: $1395

January 19 $ 200 Deposit**

February 16 $ 795 Balance Needed

March 15 $ 1395 Balance Needed


* The first $100 must be personally earned by the youth team member. Forms must be turned in with earnings of the team member how the funds were earned. The form must be signed by the person for whom the work was done to witness the earnings. The fee for adult team members will be the same as youth, but adult team members will not have to meet this requirement.

* The $200 initial deposit will be refunded to each participant who raises $1495 towards the trip fee (after the $100 student earned portion.) If a participant raises more than $1295, but less than $1495, then the amount above the $1295 will be refunded up to the initial $200 deposit. All funds raised above the $1495 and after the $200 refund, will be credited to another team members account who is having a hard time raising support. The choice of to whom the excess funds will given rests with the team member who raises the excess funds. Team members who receive excess funds will not be eligible for any refund of the initial $200 deposit. This “helping hands method” is what makes this a true team effort.

In the event a team member is unable to attend for any reason, all expenses incurred by Calvary Christian School must be reimbursed by the team member to the extent that those expenses are above the amount collected in their individual account. If the incurred expenses are less than the amount in the individual account, then the excess funds will be given to the team members attending the missions trip. The initial deposit is not refundable.

In the event the mission trip is cancelled due to conditions outside the control of Calvary Christian School, the school will retain all deposits and donations to help offset the costs that have been incurred on the part of the team. In the event that funds remain after the obligated cost have been paid, CCS will refund the $200 deposit to parents to the extent that the remaining funds allow.