Calvary Christian School is committed to entering into partnership with Christian parents who desire, first and foremost, a Christ-centered education for their student(s). Because of this, we believe that a large majority of students enrolled should represent homes in which are least one parent is a believer. Preference is given, therefore, to students from Christian homes and to brothers and sisters of student(s) already enrolled. 


                Our transition four program (K4T), admits students who turn four between October 1 of the current year and March 31 of the following year. In order for students to enter our four-year old program, they must be four prior to October 1 of the current school year. The student must also be "potty trained" and be able to maintain proper behavior in the classroom. Generally, unless a special educational situation exist, the date of birth serves as the main qualifier for admission.


                In order for students to enter our five-year old program, they must be five prior to October 1 just prior to the beginning of the school year of entrance. Exceptions are made if the student has attended another preschool or has been formally home-schooled prior to attending Calvary Christian School. However, no student will be allowed in our five year old program who has their fifth birthday on or after October 1st of the school year of admittance. These students will find our K4 program a challenging experience.


                All students entering the Calvary Christian School elementary and middle school program will need to show evidence that they are able to do the work at the grade level they are entering, as required by our school. They will also need to show evidence that they did not have discipline problems at their previous school and over the past three years.


                Admission to the 9th through 12th grades is by invitation only at Calvary Christian School.  Students who are currently enrolled in 8th through 11th grades at Calvary Christian School will receive an invitation to return the following school year on or about February 1st of each year. Because this invitation will be issued after only two quarters of academic and social grades, it is issued based on continued satisfactory grades and behavior the balance of the school year.


                All other high school students seeking admission who are not current students at Calvary Christian School will be reviewed by the school’s Senior Administrator.  The standards for admission  include a written letter from the student’s pastor stating what he/she believes the student’s current relationship with the Lord as it is expressed in the applicant’s activity and attendance in church. An applicant must clearly demonstrate through current grades and/or test scores that they can do the work required by the advanced high school curriculum that is used by Calvary Christian School. Finally, an applicant must have had no disciplinary actions requiring administrative intervention at his or her previous school in the last three years


                It is the administration’s goal to develop one of the finest, most disciplined, technologically superior, and academically sound high schools in the area.  Therefore, admission standards will be high, and recruitment goals will have little impact on admission to the high school. An excellent student body along with highly qualified, skilled teachers will be the cornerstone that rest on the foundation of Christ’s teachings which will lead to Calvary Christian School reaching its desired goals for the high school.









                Because we seek to provide an excellent Christian education in an environment that honors the Lord, a student’s readmission to Calvary Christian School will be contingent on four factors: 1) Good Behavior - Repeated office visits may eliminate a student from being readmitted; 2) Academic Progress - If a student is unable or unwilling to make visible academic progress, this may be cause for elimination of readmission; 3) Financial Responsibility - If the parents or guardian are repeatedly unfaithful in finances with the school, it will result in no readmission; and finally, 4) Parental Support - We seek to work on a team basis with parents, so it is important that the school elevate home. It is also important that the parents/home uplift the school/teacher in the eyes of their students. In the event that this sensitive balance is compromised, a student may not be readmitted to Calvary Christian School. The final decision on readmission rests with the administration of Calvary Christian School.



                An application must be completed each year and forwarded to the school with the appropriate Registration/Book Fee.



                Calvary Christian School will admit students of any race, color, and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities made available to students at the school.



                All students are required to present a copy of a physical examination which is no more than one year old.