Mrs. Lowe

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord.” Colossians 3:23


Text: BJU Geometry for Christian Schools: Second Edition

          BJU Student Activities in Geometry for Christian Schools

Grading:  Test = 50%

                  Quizzes= 30%

                   Homework/Daily Assignments= 10%

Grading Scale:

99-100.…….A+                                                 85-86.…….B-                                        71-74…….D

95-98.………A                                                   83-84……..C+                                       69-70…….D-

93-94.…….A-                                                    79-82…….C                                          0-68…….F

91-92.……..B+                                                  77-78…….C-

87-90.…….B                                                     75-76…….D+



  • come prepared for class every day
  • participate in class every day
  • do the daily homework which is assigned 
  • ask questions
  • have some fun



Your daily attendance to this class is expected and important. If you are aware that you will miss a class let me know so we can get you prepared to complete the work that you will miss.



Late Work:

Any work that is not turned in on the Due Date will be given a 1 day grace limit. No work will be accepted after 1 day. **10% will be taken off of assignment that is turned late. You must complete assignments on time.


Homework will be carefully graded; presentation will count towards your grade. This means all problems must be copied and all solutions must show all steps of your work. And of course you must have the correct answer.

You need to keep all of your graded work in a folder so that you can use this material as a study guide. You will need to bring the folder in on Review days.




Acknowledgement of Receipt of Syllabus

Course: Geometry

Student Name: _____________________________________________________

I have read the syllabus for this course. I agree to abide by the policies and procedures listed in the syllabus.


Student Signature/ Date



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