Dear Parents,



Welcome to Calvary Christian School!


Many of you have had your children here for years, but for those of you that are new, my name is Mrs. Wallace, aka Mrs. Wally.  I have been teaching for 27 years, mostly at the lower elementary level.  I am married to Mr. Wallace, and we have two sons, two daughters by marriage, and three grandsons with another on the way. 


This year,  I am your child’s reading, language arts, and phonics teacher for those who have children in the second grade.  For children in the third and fourth grades, I will be teaching reading and language arts.


It is my hope and goal to not only teach the mechanics of writing, but to also incorporate writing into our daily lives.  The beauty of the spoken and written Word was designed by God. It was given as a gift from the Father to instruct, reproof, and to cause us to love like He does!  It is also my goal to help each child become a good listener.  When we learn to listen, then we become better readers and writers.  It is my desire to partner with you to help your child to have excellence in all areas of language.  We are excellent because God is excellent!


I have many fun and exciting activities planned for your children this year!   It is my hope, that as we focus on the Lord, we will we will use our God given talents to glorify Him, and that you, as parents, will be blessed by your child’s progress!


In second, third, and fourth grade reading your child will be graded in the following way:

                *40% oral reading

                *30% read and think quizzes

                *20%oral comprehension



The one exception to the previous list is in fourth grade language your child will be graded in the following way:

                *40% tests

                *30% quizzes

                *20% projects and writing activities

                *10% attitude and participation



Second grade phonics will be graded by written and oral tests each week.  For the first two quarters, the grade will be 50% written tests and 50% oral.   During the third and fourth quarters, the percentages change to 75 % written and 25% oral grades.


If you have any concerns or questions, please write me a note or call the school office.  It is my greatest joy to have a part in your child’s development this year!


Love in Christ’s Name,

Mrs. Gayla Wallace