Calvary Christian School Prayer Guide

God is working in you, giving you the desire to obey Him and the power to do what pleases Him (Philippians 2:13).

Newer prayer requests are in bold

Praise the Lord for the success of the CCS mission trip to the Dominican Republic

Praise God for His faithfulness through the years at CCS

Praise God for the faculty, students and families who love Him

God’s protection over the school

Continued growth in Christ-likeness for the faculty, students and families

Growing love for God’s Word for the faculty, students and families

Wisdom, clear vision, continued Godly leadership for Mr. Wallace

Wisdom, love and patience with students for teachers

For students to understand their identity in Christ, as opposed in any worldly things

Humble and teachable spirit, love for others in students

Good focus and organization for students

God’s blessing of afterschool clubs at CCS

For parents to be more involved with the school and its ministry

For students to finish the year with good grades

For good SAT results for all students

For M/H students to do good on their final exams

The Lord’s blessing of the graduation ceremony

For the seeds planted during the CCS mission trip to grow

God’s continued blessing of Mitch & Debbie Martinez as well as Ryan Pauly’s ministries in the Dominican Republic

God’s continued blessing of Haitian School Project in the Dominican Republic

For the Korean exchange students to grow in the Lord and to find a good church in Korea  

The Lord’s blessing of CCS re-enrollment, new enrollment, and summer camp registration

The Lord’s blessing of Summer Blast summer day camp

For CCS families to have safe enjoyable summer

CCS Wednesday night Bible Study growth

CCS Thursday afternoon Prayer Meeting Growth

God’s blessing of Middle/High school girls’ Bible Study on Thursday morning

Encouragement and healing for those suffering with an illness

Successful surgery for a faculty family member

Complete recovery from surgery for Mrs. Walker’s Dad

Healing for arm for Mrs. Garcia

Healing for a pastor-friend with a heart disease, reconciliation with his wife   

Healing for leg for Mr. Wallace

Healing for little Hannah

Healing for 4-year-old Kara with brain tumor

Continued healing for Mrs. Flores

Good health for elderly parents of staff members

Salvation for unsaved family members and friends

Salvation and good health for Mrs. Lee’s Dad

Return of those who have fallen away

Strong marriages at CCS, healing where needed

For strength, provision and wisdom for single parents

Financial provision for the school

Financial provision for faculty members

God’s provision for families with financial needs

Work for parents, seeking employment

Revival in our land

US and local leaders

US military, police and firefighters

Missionaries and persecuted church around the world




Please prayfully consider joining CCS Bible Study every Wednesday at 6:30 and CCS Prayer Meeting every Thursday at 12:00.

If you have a prayer request, please e-mail Ms. Ganeyeva (Ms. G) at Ganeyeva@yahoo.com