Calvary Christian School- April, 2014

Extended School Year

As you know, this has been a very difficult winter with adverse weather causing eleven missed school days and eight late openings for our students. This has had implications in every class at Calvary Christian School. Our school is not subject to state guidelines related to hours and school days of instruction, but our current calendar will still hit the "hours of instruction" benchmark.  Having said this, it is vital that the administration evaluate the impact of the days missed and late openings during the school year. The curriculum at CCS is rigorous, and material that is not covered has a possible impact on a student as they move forward into the next grade.


In consideration of this, Calvary Christian School will add one week at the end of the school year. This means that the Friday, June 6, 2014, will be the last day of the school year. An updated school calendar will be issued moving the end of the third quarter and outlining the schedule for the final week of school. There will be no impact on our Easter Break. There will also be no financial impact on parents for this additional week of instruction.


To allow for continuity of care, the CCS Summer Blast Day Camp will on Monday, June 9. Information on that program will be released shortly now that the school calendar has been revised.


If you have any questions, please call the school office at 703-441-6868.



The 2014 Summer Day Camp
The enrollment forms have been sent home, and if you are looking for a camp for your children to have a great summer, this is the perfect place. Each week, the day camp children take three or four field trips each week which are sure to make for an exciting summer. Swimming, bowling, skating, museums, parks, plays, fishing, and so much more are just a part of each week. Every day begins with a Bible lesson, the foundation for our day. Art, games, and computer skills are also incorporated into the weekly schedule. Now is the time to register for the limited space that is available. Please do not delay!
Remaining 2013-2014 School Calendar

March 9                      Sunday            Daylight Savings                                                                Time

March 28                    Friday              Final Day of 3rd                                                                Quarter                                     


April 4                         Friday              3rd Quarter Report                                                                         Card Goes Home

April 7-11                    Mon.-Fri.     SAT Week K5-12th                                                                              Grade

April 18-27                  Fri. Sun.         Easter Break

April 28                       Monday           Classes Resume


May 6                          Tuesday           National Teacher                                                                             Appreciation Day

May 13                        Tuesday          Interim Reports for                                                                        4th  Quarter Go                                                                                  Home

May 26                         Monday         Memorial Day- No                                                                            School


June 2                          Monday           Regular School Day with                                                      MS/HS Final Exams Beginning

June 3                          Tuesday           Regular School Day with                                                       MS/HS Final Exams Beginning

June 4                          Wednesday     Regular School Day with                                                       MS/HS Final Exams Beginning

June 5                          Thursday         Field Trip Day for K4-12th                                                                       Grades

June 6                         Friday              Final Day of School - 11:00                                                      a.m. Dismissal - No PM                                                                Daycare                                                                                         Final Day of Fourth Quarter 

                                                     Faculty Luncheon at Noon


Final Year-End Program, Kindergarten and Senior Graduation


June 9                          Monday           First Day of Summer Blast                                                         Day Camp



2014-2015 Student Registration


If your family is seeking an outstanding Christian education for your child, please contact the school office at 703-221-2016 or 703-441-6868 to get information regarding next school year and set up an appointment with the school's administrator.


We look forward to seeing if our school is what you are looking for to partner with you in teaching your child in academic and growing them Spiritually.


Now is the time to reserve your child's seat for next school year!



3rd Quarter Report Cards


Even in the face of a difficult winter, our students are excelling. We want to thank God for His faithfulness in the area of academic progress and more importantly, Spiritual growth!


3rd Quarter Report Cards will be sent home on Friday, April 4.  Parents should be sure to review the information, sign, and return the cards by Tuesday, April 8. 

Please call the school if there any questions regarding your students grades.


Our Lord allowing students, faculty, and parents to work together in love has made these great reports possible as we encourage this generation to grow in faith and serve God.


Mission Trip- Destination Alaska!



The destination is has been finalized as God has opened a door in Anchorage, Alaska for this year's Calvary's Impact Mission Team from Calvary Christian School. The team has already had three meetings to prepare to minister to people in the most under reached state in the union.  The team is pleased to partner with Grace Works which will run summer ministry programs in some of the most impoverished neighborhoods in Anchorage. Not only will the team be running feeding programs, but they will be hosting block parties, and reaching the children and their parents everyday of he week in systematic way through a daily VBS.

All of this to meet the Spiritual and physical needs of the families we work with and teach our students about reaching real, hurting people. 


The last day of the trip will be the "fun day" which will include a glacier cruise, hiking on a glacier, or an airplane ride to see majestic Alaska from  the sky.


The school community will participate helping raise funds, encouraging our students, and praying for the team. The team will be meeting about twelve times to organize and prepare for this trip. They will even have a shake down retreat to work on their program, get use to being with one another, and do Bible study.


For the past fifteen years, Calvary Christian School has sent teams of middle and high school students on mission trips to reach out to others for the cause of Christ. These trips have included nine international destinations, ground zero in New York City and Appalachia.


These trips are a vital part of the education provided by Calvary Christian School and help shape the Christian world view our students as they gain important insights into cultures, people, and ministry. Key skills are also imparted during training in the area of communication skills, team work, Bible study, and creativity in reaching out for the Lord.


Stanford Achievement Testing- April 7-11


The K5 through high school students at Calvary Christian School will be taking SAT's April 7-11. This nationally standardized test provide insight into each student's progress. When considered in their overall context, the test provide the administration understanding on areas within the school's educational process that need attention.


We are asking parents to be sure that their student is well rested, has a good breakfast, brings a snack, and is at school on time during the testing period. This will allow your student to be in an excellent position to do their best during the testing. While the faculty will do their best, students who miss days during test week are not assured of being able to complete the entire test. 

Easter Break- April 18-27

Calvary Christian School will be closed from Good Friday, April 18, through Sunday, April 27, for Easter Break. It is prayer that ever one who is art of the Calvary Christian School Community will use this time to draw close to our Lord as we consider His redemptive work on the cross and the right-standing before God that we have as believers. 


Easter Blessings from the Calvary Christian School Faculty!


Would You Like Us to Pray with You?     


For many, these are difficult times. The weight of the problems sometimes can seem unbearable. Our Lord knows our situation and desires to bring His love and comfort.  While He does not always answer the way we want Him to, He is always there. If you would like one of our faculty to pray privately with you, please let us know. 


Please Save Box Tops for Education    



Please save all labels that have the "Box Tops for Education" logo on them. These labels are redeemed for cash that help the school increase the scope of programs that are offered.



Verse for the Month

Jude 24:25 "Now unto Him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy! To the Only Wise God Our Savior!.... Be glory and power, majesty and dominion both now and forevermore amen!" 



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