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Welcome to Calvary Christian School

The Calvary Christian School Administration and Faculty are excited to serve parents who want a Christ-centered education for their children. Whether you have been at Calvary Christian School for many years or are now considering enrollment, it is important that clear and concise information be available to you. We hope that this student handbook provides that insight into the policies of the school and how it operates. While we know that this tool will be very useful in allowing you to develop a concept of what our school is about on a day-to-day basis, we also know that it will not convey the passion held by faculty, administration, and parents for the work that goes on at our school.

This passion is rooted in a deep love for God, and it rests on His Word as a foundation. It is our deepest desire to show the love of God to each student, parent, and faculty member who calls Calvary Christian School home. We seek to provide a practical, Bible-based education that touches each child's heart, mind, and spirit. You will be pleased when your child sits in classrooms that provide one of the finest educations in the Northern Virginia area. Our composite test scores are among the highest in the area at most grade levels. You will be pleased when your child comes home with songs they have learned during their daily Bible class. You will be pleased when you see your child responding to the balanced approach we maintain between love and discipline; between God's grace and God's truth.

It is difficult for me to express what a special place our school has become without sounding self-serving, but this is the Lord's school. What happens here is because of Him! I can say this: the care, love, concern, and attention your child will receive at this school represent the faculty's efforts to be the hands, ears, mouth, and feet of our Lord. Yes, Calvary Christian School is a safe place for children in today's reckless and dangerous world. Yes, it provides a fine education for children that will equip them for the internationally competitive world in the workplace. Yes, we seek to meet each child's spiritual, physical, and emotional needs when the culture is sending all the wrong messages to undermine parents who want a Biblical lifestyle for the child. Ultimately, this school becomes faculty, parents, and students working together to create an environment that honors God, which leads to each individual growing closer to the Lord while taking on the character traits of our Lord and developing their God-given talents and gifts. I would like to thank the parents, alumni, and friends of CCS who have supported this ministry for many years.

I am pleased to meet with new parents who want what we have at Calvary Christian School. We desire new parents and students to join us as we work to provide an education that meets today's needs while at the same time reaching the hearts and minds of students for Christ.

Because Christ Lives and Reigns,
John R. Wallace, Jr.
Senior Administrator