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Curriculum Overview

Early Childhood Education

Our four- and five-year-old Kindergarten reading program is phonics-based.  By learning the sound that each letter makes, students have a strong basis for reading by the end of their four-year-old Kindergarten year.  Basic counting, number recognition, and math skills are also taught to the four-year-old students.  The five-year-old program reinforces the material taught in the four's program and then extends it in both the phonics and numbers areas.  Aspects of our kindergarten program are detailed in the curriculum guides, linked below.  It is our goal to have each student reading by the time he or she leaves the four- or five-year-old program.

Elementary School

Our elementary curriculum (Grades 1-6) is very aggressive in the areas of math and language skills.  We believe these two areas are extremely important for our students' future academic success, as well as for success after leaving school.  Drill and detailed study are required in each subject area.  The science and history books are oriented to the Word of God; something that is missing from secular textbooks.  Features of our elementary curricular program are detailed in the curriculum guides, linked below.

Middle School

Our middle school (Grades 7-8) program is designed to provide our teachers with flexible class scheduling and to teach students the skills needed to be successful high school and college students.  At this level, it is particularly important for the faculty and parents to help develop a very positive Spiritual environment on campus. It is from this foundation that strong social skills and academics will flow. These years of school serve to prepare the students as excellent readers with refined study skills and strong communicators, both through writing and verbal presentation. We also strive to develop strong overall math conceptualization understanding, accompanied by exceptional computational and problem-solving skills.  Elements of our middle school program are detailed in the curriculum guides, linked below.

Students in Grade 8 may be recommended for high school level math (Algebra 1) and may earn high school course credit. Our Domestic or International Mission and Cultural Studies Courses (DMCS or IMCS) are available for Grade 8 students who participate in Calvary’s Impact Mission Program and who meet the additional requirements of the course; requirements are established at the beginning of each trip preparation.

High School

Calvary Christian School High School represents a very special place of preparation for the student’s life after high school. The curriculum is a college-preparatory program; courses offered and required for graduation are based on the Prince William County  Schools guidelines for graduation, plus up to five additional credits. The level of expectation in high school is far greater than in middle school. Students are expected to take personal responsibility for their engagement in the learning process with diligent study and class preparation. While academic study is important to post-high school success, a direct focus on spiritual and social growth is equally important. This means that these areas will be equally addressed as part of the high school process and program.

An individual high school program of study will be developed with the parents and student upon admission to Calvary Christian School.  The program will outline the classes that must be completed each year prior to graduation which generally follows Prince William County requirements, but also includes four years of Bible credits.  This plan will also include additional “resume builders” that college and university admission officers are seeking from incoming candidates.  These may include church leadership, volunteer work, scouting, and missions work, internships, summer camp work, employment, sports, church work, and college summer attendance.

Calvary Christian School is pleased to work with Northern Virginia Community College, as well as other well-known universities, to provide joint high school/college credit to our juniors and seniors when classes are taken at the NOVA or online.  For juniors and seniors who have successfully met admission screening and who are approved by the Calvary Christian School’s administration and their chosen school of higher learning, Calvary Christian School will pay $200 per course for up to two courses in the junior year and four courses the senior year of high school.  This program is intended to meet the needs of the most outstanding students at Calvary Christian School. Using this program will help transition our high school students from a high school environment to a college environment.  While the program is optional, students who use the full program will graduate from Calvary Christian School with their first full semester of college completed.  Parents are responsible for all book fees and tuition above the amount that is reimbursed for college courses. Transportation will be coordinated on a case-by-case basis.

Curriculum Guides